braids for days

now that i have short hair i've been trying to get creative with ways to pull it up +
out of my face (let's be honest, out of toddler hands),
without resorting to a ponytail.
i've been working all summer on perfecting the reverse french crown braid...
and trust me, it's taken all summer to get this good at it.
so, of course,
i had to take a couple of pictures.

how do you keep your hair out of your face?
i need ideas.


noah's nursery

it's only taken me just over a year after noah was born to put the finishing touches on his nursery.
there are still a few minor details i'm working on, but over all i'm happy to say it's basically finished.
for some reason putting his room together has been a task...
maybe because i work full time.
maybe because i'm indecisive.
maybe because i was waiting to find the perfect piece to put on the shelf.
...and maybe because i'd rather play with my little buddy than hang things up on the wall.
i wanted something modern + vintage.
i wanted something neutral + colorful.
i wanted things i could reuse over the years.
i wanted things that had been passed down through generations.
...and i'm happy to say, i think i accomplished just that.


- where i got the loot -

the cupboard: my great grandmothers, traveled all the way from canada
the chair, lamp, shelves: + frames: ikea
the copper birds: thrifted + spray painted
trinkets on the shelf: thifted, gifted + handed down
pillow on the chair: craft lake city
books: gifted + thrifted
pouf ottoman + crib: target
chevron sheet: baby beddding dot com




today was my due date.
sunday is his official birthday.
i can't believe how quickly time has passed.
i can't believe how grateful i am for him.
happy birthday baby boy.
i love you.

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